Monthly Archives: June 2013

She asked what??!

“Do you miss your husbands?” Yep, that was my adorable, inquisitive 6 yr old niece asking my 87 year old, twice widowed grandmother if she missed her husbands. I gasped when my mom text me that she did that. My sweet little Taiyah girl then went on to tell her that she would probably see […]

breathe baby breathe

I am a runner. Well, more like a jogger – and a fair weather one at that. But its mornings like this that help me remember why I love getting my behind out of bed and on the road (or trail.) (Photo taken by me, edited by the fantastic Lindsay) There is something so satisfying […]

Special Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, Thomas Henry – my dad!! My dad is such a good man, and I know that I am a better me because of him. That’s because my dad is the kind of dad that has always taught his girls life lessons. These lessons were sometimes painful to […]

I’m joining the club.

So.. I’m starting a blog. Why? you ask. Because of women like her and her and her. and men who take photos like this. and people who create posts like this. Because there are people out there who make me laugh and inspire me by the way they go after life. And I want a […]