Special Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, Thomas Henry – my dad!!

My dad is such a good man, and I know that I am a better me because of him.


That’s because my dad is the kind of dad that has always taught his girls life lessons.

These lessons were sometimes painful to learn -i.e., all of the long bike rides, him behind us, pushing our little legs to go farther than we found fun.

And these lessons were sometimes downright annoying, i.e., “math nights with dad” at the kitchen table where we would spend (what seemed like) hours going over our algebra hw.

However,  it hasnt been until in recent years, now out of the house, I can see the full value of the lessons he taught me, because Lord knows, life tends to throw you larger challenges than  lactic acid build-up and understanding the dang relationship between X and Y.


I also know that us girls in my family are lucky. That’s because we have always known we were crazy loved because my dad doesn’t miss opportunities in showing us.

One way he showed us was in taking his girls out on dates – I think the two of us went out for coffee  just as often as we went on bike rides.

However, one coffee date to Caribou will forever remain precious to me. It was shortly after September 11th. He got himeslef a latte, me a raspberry steamer. We sat down and started to chat and he then he asked, “Bekah, what do you understand about what happened on Tuesday?” Him taking the time for me, to hear me and then discuss what was going on (what we knew and understood at the time) made me feel loved, smart and safe. All pretty important things for an 8th grade girl living in a country on the brink of going to war.

But sandwiched between all of the life lessons and big moments, my dad is just a fun guy! (As evidenced by my neice patiently waiting her turn to use the purple skip-it….)


And because of all of this and more, my dad is still the one I call when I am excited or scared. He is still my sounding board, my encourager, my support. He is one of my favorite work out buddies and traveling companions. He pushes me to love others the way that Jesus does. I am so grateful to have a man in my life like my dad.

Thank you for everything you have given us and continue to give.

Love you, daddy!

pops and me





  1. What a beautiful tribute Bekah! He must be one awesome man to have raised a daughter as talented, kind and passionate as you. I’m certain he must be so proud 🙂

    1. Adam!! Youre such a sweetheart.. thank you! And you are right – he is awesome 🙂 We are both blessed with pretty amazing families.

  2. Your Dad was a kind person too as a child and a young adult. Went to school with him first grade through 12th and he still is the nice and smart guy we knew he would always be.

    1. So cool, Maggie! Thanks for your kind words.. I love hearing that. And I have to agree with you. He is pretty amazing!

  3. […] mentioned in an earlier post, my dad tends to be my go-to man. This is for a lot of reasons, but for this particular subject it […]

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