breathe baby breathe

I am a runner. Well, more like a jogger – and a fair weather one at that. But its mornings like this that help me remember why I love getting my behind out of bed and on the road (or trail.)


(Photo taken by me, edited by the fantastic Lindsay)

There is something so satisfying about running in the morning, especially mornings like today. Perfect amount of chilly while being surrounded by the blue/grey tones I love so much about the PNW.

And there is something so sweet about a friend waking up hours prior to when her alarm needed to sound in order to enjoy it with you. (thanks, ash!)

Running is sometimes me time, sometimes we time. Sometimes its light and fun, other times it’s a form of therapy.

And no, I did not always feel this way. It wasn’t until my senior year in highschool that I even thought about running more than one consecutive mile in a row. The thought was prompted by a sweet girl named Rachel that I met in a community college course I was taking. She had just finished her first marathon and I was in disbelief – I had always categorized that as something that only “ultimate” athletes and runners did. She said she used to be like me – she started with running one block. Then she added another, and another. Pretty soon she could run 20 minutes without wanting to die. Then she did something crazy and signed up for a 5k.. and we all know where that led.

So, I started by running around my block.

And this August, several years later, I’ll be running my 4th half marathon.

A lot of things have encouraged me along the way, but it was when Rachel shared her story with me that I first thought that maybe I could have a running story, too.

Go after life. Share your story. Inspire others.




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  1. tyfferz · · Reply

    You are so inspiring and I miss the food adventures and discussions that we had in Baltimore! Looking forward to reading your running adventures!

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