light and bouncy


This weekend was hot, hot, hot!!

It finally feels like solid summer weather – the kind where you only want to put on a swimsuit or a flow-y dress, anything else just feels excessive.

There are lots of reasons to love his weather – the sun, volleyball, swimming, picnics, etc, etc – but a major one is that the only food of interest to me in hot weather like this is that of the fresh variety. Healthy fruits and veggies, grilled fish and chicken – think foods that make you feel light and bouncy.

I wish this occurred to me just as much in cold weather (or cool weather, warm weather, rainy weather – pretty much any weather), but, alas it doesn’t. So, I am planning on taking full advantage while the mood strikes.

This past Saturday was spent exploring Seattle with a girlfriend. We were craving something light and refreshing so we meandered over towards the market and found exactly what we were looking for at Gaia’s Juice and Smoothie Bar. All of their juices and smoothies are made from organic, local produce and they can be found in the market friday through sunday every wknd. They told us they’re not on social media quite yet, but that should be chaning in the next few weeks so keep a lookout!


We had the organic smoothie with frozen berries, banana, honey, apple, beet, carrot and cucumber with just a touch of ice. They were gorgeous.


While the weather is beautiful and the fresh, local produce abounds, I am taking this July to get back into juicing and making nutrition-packed smoothies more often. I get excited just thinking about all the different combos I can make!

I have heard a lot of good reviews recently about the nutri bullet. Has anyone been using it? Is it worth the price?

And what is your favorite healthy juice or smoothie recipe? Please share!




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