I Drive Your Truck

I can’t get enough of this song. It gets me every time.

Every. single. time.

The idea for this song sparked when the co-writer, Connie Harrington, was listening to Paul Monti, the father of a fallen solider, share his story on the radio show ‘Here and Now.’ His son was a Medal of Honor recipient, killed in Afghanistan while trying to save a fellow soldier. The father stated that he drives his son’s truck in order to feel close to him. Ugh. I’m not a father (nor a mother, yet), but I have loved ones and so this song gets to me.

I work with veterans and service members daily, and yet the gravity of their bravery, courage and willingness to sacrifice it all for the love of our country never diminishes.

I love to travel around the world but I am proud to call America home. Let’s celebrate tomorrow because we CAN! Let’s celebrate the freedom we have and those that make it so.

Enjoy your friends, the sunshine and good food. And please find your own way to show gratitude to our troops and to their families. Without the latter, the former wouldn’t be nearly as sweet.




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