Name that succulent!

ok, do you ever do certain things that just make you feel like an adult?

While watering my adorable little desk plant this morning I realized that this is one of those things; I feel like an adult while watering my succulent.

Weird? naww.


I got her several weekends ago on a trip to Boise with my sis and her fun little family. We try to buy some sort of momento when travelling together and couldn’t pass up these creative concrete planters made by Nystrom Goods. They became even more enticing when the cool guy behind the booth explained the plants inside are really hard to kill. He has actually missed watering one of his for an entire month and it still survived. Sounds like the plant for me.

Fortunately, since it is sitting so cutely on my desk, adding some glamour to the gray of my cubicle, I have yet to forget to water her. (maybe this is the start of my green thumb? Gotta start somewhere.)

I also have yet to name her. She is cute, she is sassy, and she sure ain’t a quitter. Any recommendations??





  1. I know it’s not a typical girl name, but Charlie… Just looks like a Charlie to me.

    1. I love mixed names! She would make such a cute Charlie 🙂

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