People Meet Here

One of my favorite parts of summertime is the Farmers market. I like to do as much of my grocery shopping this way as possible, usually finding great organic fruits and veggie options – sometimes for even less than I’d pay at my corner grocer. One thing I have yet to try but I am really interested in doing is buying eggs from one of the farms nearby. I recently learned that the difference of freshness between eggs purchased at the store compared to those from a local farm is weeks!

(My dream is to one day actually have my own huge garden and chicken coop. It will happen!)



I especially love visiting the farmers’ market while on vacation. You’re guaranteed delicious food made with fresh, local ingredients alongside booths displaying pieces made by local artisans. Not to mention the awesome people watching. This is a great way to get a snapshot of the community you’re visiting!

While visiting Boise in June we were able to check out their market held on Saturdays during the summertime. Remember those fresh, local ingredients? Yeah – they don’t even sell water bottles here! Absolutely nothing is sold that isn’t made, created or grown right here in the Boise area. So awesome.







Hope you’re loving this fresh summertime weather as much as I am!





  1. I wish that last picture said “Elk meet here.”

    1. Literally just lol’d in my cubicle!

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