White Walls

3:37pm on Wednesday

Text from the roommate: “Secret Macklemore concert tonight at the Dick’s on Broadway… How true do we think this is?”

WHAT?? We decided it was definitely worth checking out, and if the rumor was false we would just grab a burger in Seattle on a gorgeous summer night. Not bad.

I worked until 6. Let’s just say the last 2hrs23min was a struggle to maintain a decent level of productivity.


Approx 8pm

Once I arrived, I quickly find out the rumors were mostly true. It isn’t really a secret concert, but a recording of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ next video for their song “White Walls.” For me, this is maybe even cooler because I love their videos – they’re always a different flavor so I’m more than a little excited to see a snap shot of one’s creation.

I see Ryan Lewis and his crew walking around, I’m assuming doing some sort of creative directing? I don’t know, NBD.

Me and the roomie find each other amongst the ginormous crowd via held up jazz hands and thumbs up while we talk on the phone trying to verify each others location.

Unfortunately, my phone dies almost immediately after this and I’m unable to record the good, the bad and the ugly while being packed in like sardines amongst the shifting crowd.

We see anything from a man falling out of a tree (we saw him climb up and knew that branch was never going to hold!) to a woman in a fur coat with her bathing suit underneath (someone had high hopes of getting in the music video.)

We also run into coworkers, old friends and meet some awesome people. One guy is actually part of a brand new church plant in Seattle. It was kind of funny sharing about our respective churches while the smell of weed occasionally hit us while it wafted through the air.

Approx 10:40pm

First official Macklemore sighting and he is rocking an old school Seahawks Jersey. The first shot recorded is of them dancing on the roof of Dick’s Drive-in to one of the verses and the chorus. One of my main thoughts is “how do they make those dance moves look cool?” They totally do though. Ryan Lewis actually gets so into it that he busts open his pants! (Now you will know why in part of the rooftop scene he is dancing behind crates up to his waist 🙂 )


Me and the roomie are getting into the car, extremely happy our spontaneous decision to follow a rumored tip off paid off. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are some of my current favs and we loved dancing around while watching them dance around such an iconic Seattle location.

Those thoughts, along with several shots of espresso, will carry me through my day after approx 2.5 hours of sleep and a brutal crossfit class this morning.



  1. You’re hardcore cool!

    1. Haha more like hardcore nerd! We were so excited 🙂

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