White Walls cont’d

Like I said in my White Walls post, my phone died just after arriving at the Macklemore music video shoot last night. I was pretty bummed about missing my opportunity to record such a momentous occasion. Fortunately for me, there were literally thousands of others present who were ready and willing to pick up the slack.

The article from SeattlePi includes a few greet shots that give perspective on how many people came out to support and catch a glimpse of the dynamic duo, while the article from reddit seems to actually include a lot of photos taken by people in the crowd.

I’ve also been parousing IG today where you can find all sorts of great photos!

And here are a few photos from my roomie’s camera:


(The worker in this photo may never quit her positon at Dick’s Drive-in)


And I now feel like when he talks about his posse being on Broadway, I’m kind of included.


It’s just not everyday you get to see Maklemore in his natural habitat.

I’m still just a little giddy.




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