J High conversations

Generally, the earlier part of my Saturday nights are spent hanging out with the junior high girls at our church. I absolutely love getting a chance to be a part of their world and show them how loved they are. It’s often fun and most definitely challenging. I am continually getting asked questions that make me think (usually asking myself what the most appropriate way to answer this to a 13 yr old would be) and a lot of times even make me re-evaluate the way I am living my own life.

And did I mention I spend these nights laughing. Like, laughing a lot.

Sometimes this is because these girls are jokesters and can be really funny. Sometimes this is because they haven’t all developed filters or understand social cues quite yet and are brutally honest. I guess I’d rather laugh than cry.

Here is a mild example from last night:

J high girl: So, where do you work?

I answered.

JHG: Oh. So what do you do there?

I gave her the layman’s terms version of what I did, which I thought expressed how I was given the opportunity to really help people in need.

JHG: Oh. That’s boring.

(total lackluster and I felt my cool points dwindle)

Me: Yeah, it kind of is. But I get to help people…

JHG: When I grow up, I want to work at Starbucks.

Ok, then. I guess we both have a desire to help people?

This probably could have been a good digging deeper point where I could have asked her why that appealed to her, etc, etc. But to be honest, I switched the topic to soccer and I think we were both happy.


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