I {am trying to} get it.

Here is a little excerpt from my devotional this morning, out of “Dare to Be Devoted” by Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambil:

“Dare to be: consistent

“Maybe the thing you need is not another adventure, opportunity, friendship or provision. Maybe it’s something far less exciting and much more basic. Maybe the answer to this season of your life is to go back and add those consistent commitments, the spiritual “sheets” that will bring cohesion.”

Ugh, I get it, Charl Gambil. FINE. I get it.


But seriously, I’m working on it.

For anybody that has spent any amount of time with me, they know that I have what some refer to as wanderlust. I would love moving somewhere new every year or so, observing the people and the local customs. The more different, the better.

I love observing, learning, watching how people within different cultures interact with each other. I think this is actually a God given love of mine and it plays a role in how I pray for others and serve Him.

Below are some of the sweet youth I met in Morocco last year where I had the chance to love on them and their community- just one example of how God has used this in me to breathe life.


However, this can also be a distraction. I find myself struggling when in one place for any length of time. I find myself slipping into a place of unrest – you could probably even call it ungratefulness – that is just ugly when I don’t have my next adventure on the calendar. (Really – I do this a lot. My sister says do it or stop talking about it. So, umm, does writing about it count?)

The thing is – I am more than aware how crazy this is! One of the things traveling and expanding my view of the world has done is show me just how blessed I am to live the life I lead.

So, not that I will quit making travel plans, but I am making the conscious decision to work on my consistency in the things of my daily life; being consistent in my spiritual disciplines and investing in the life I’m living here. Watering my own grass, so to speak. It isn’t that I don’t know I have green grass (hypothetically, hehe), it’s just that it will wither and die if I am always looking at someone else’s.

What about you? How do you fight the battle against the big and ugly monster of unrest and discontentment?


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