Monthly Archives: August 2013

I want crazy.

I love making plans. I also love not following them. There are areas in one’s life where this is not a good practice, i.e. budgets, eating regimes- things of that sort. Currently working on following these. And then there are areas in one’s life where this equals the kind of awesome that just cannot be […]

Live Dead in Egypt

I love technology. I use it to stay connected, to be organized, to be inspired, to be encouraged, to share beauty. This past Sunday was no exception as I used it to witness God’s love at work through his people all over the world via pictures on Instagram. I had also used it to have […]

Oh, hello wednesday.

This is me, sitting in rush hour traffic at 6:30 this morning.. loving life! Why? Just a few reasons off the top are: – I didn’t miss my alarm this morning (cough cough Monday), so I had already crushed a crossfit workout – The sunrise was ah-mazing. – I was sipping on my free drink […]

Happy Friday!

This little face {my niece} is coming into town tomorrow! She’ll be accompanied by my mom and I may be even more excited than she looks in this picture. Add that to the fact that it’s Friday afternoon and I am feeling fine! I like to spread the love, so here is a little bit […]

To supplement or not?

What do they say? It’s all about the daily habits? Yep. So, I’m checkin’ my daily habits and I’m getting back into taking these. I mentioned in an earlier post, my dad tends to be my go-to man. This is for a lot of reasons, but for this particular subject it is because he a) […]