I want crazy.

I love making plans. I also love not following them.

There are areas in one’s life where this is not a good practice, i.e. budgets, eating regimes- things of that sort. Currently working on following these.

And then there are areas in one’s life where this equals the kind of awesome that just cannot be planned** – one of those areas being Saturday nights, this past one a prime example.

Original draft: Wine night with a good buddy.

First draft change: Buddy and I meet up with friends at a block party.

Final edit: Buddy and I jump in a car with more friends to drive an hour south in order to catch the Hunter Hayes concert at the Southwest Washington fair grounds.



Here is a video of Hunter Hayes singing “I want crazy” from saturday night!


Outdoor summer concerts are hard to beat – add that to the fact that the venue was small, his music makes me want to dance and my friends are fun.

End result: Ah-mazing night.


And to top it all off, having the show at Washington state fairgrounds meant I woke up the next morning with a fair scone for breakfast!


Fair scones are a pretty big deal around these parts. The mix is sold in grocery stores but it just doesn’t compare to getting them fresh out of a Fisher truck on the fairgrounds, warm from the oven with melted butter and raspberry jam inside. (Or for breakfast the next day.)

Welp, hope you guys had a fun weekend! Now to make the most of this new week…



*It should be noted that this particular spontaneous kind of awesome COULD be planned, seeing as 2/5 of our party had planned to attend. However, the point is that we like the kind of fun that comes with being spontaneous!


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