City Love: KC Edition

One of the things I love about moving around is meeting and connecting with new people. When I first moved to the Seattle area a little over 3 years ago, I met an awesome couple that I just connected with.


She’s a math teacher who’s a genius at interior design. He’s a student ministries pastor with a proclivity for fashion and design. Together they’re just crazy cool and I love that I get to have them in my world.

To the left is me with C two years ago while they were still here in Seattle. They have since moved back home to KC, Missouri. This past wknd I took a quick trip to visit them, love on their little guy who’s just over 1 and give their english bull dog, Walter, a little pet.

What I found was that KC is an unexpected gem.

Let’s just say that the Seattle hipsters would eat this city alive with all the local options available.

Here are just a few reasons to visit this all American midewest town:

Oklahoma Joe’s: Kansas City BBQ


Um, yumm. This BBQ is served out of a gas station, however, this is far from normal fas station eats. This quickly became apparant when I was told how lucky we were when the line only wrapped around and the interior and met us as we walked in the door.

I ordered Christie’s fav, the Z-man Sandwhich, a slow-smoked beef brisket, smoked provolone cheese, topped with two crispy onion rings, on a toasted kaiser roll. Let me repeat: yumm.

Boulevard Brewery

One of the largest specialty brewers in the midwest, and the 12th largest craft brewery in America, is found in the middle of Kansas City. Boulevard gives free tours on a first come, first serve basis. We like good beer, and we like free, so we decided to try out their brewery tour saturday afternoon. The tours tend to fill up, so we found they key is to arrive early when they open at 10am in order to get your ticket stub for a tour later in the day.

The tour starts with their most popular brew, the unfiltered wheat, to drink while they tell the Boulevard story. After taking a tour of their brewhouse and assembly line, you come back and sample 3 brews of your choice. If you come during a warmer month like I did, you can do this while enjoying their beautiful patio. My favorite of the day was their dry stout – tasted almost like an ice cream treat to me it was so rich and smooth.

PicMonkey Collage2

LaMars Donuts


Ok, I’m a book nerd.. like to the nth degree. This donut shop wasn’t on the itinerary until we drove by one and I freaked out. This is because one of my favorite authors has her characters pick up donuts at LaMars on a semi-regular basis. This “takes place” in Denver so I never knew the original shop was in KC. And, it should be noted, they’re pretty delicious. I now understand Ally Nightingale’s affinity for them (little reference for my fellow KA fans! Everyone else, dont worry ’bout it.)


Christopher Elbow Artisan Chocolates

Think design, think art, think amazingness in edible form: you are now just beginning to understand what it is like to experience a Christopher Elbow chocolate.

Hard to pick, but my favorite {today} may be the passion fruit (bottom right hand corner in the box pictured here.)

Baldwin Denim

I’ve been hearing about Baldwin Denim for several years now and to say I was excited about the chance to visit the store in KC where it all started, Standard Style, is an understatement.

Baldwin Denim, designed in KC by Matt Baldwin and manufactured in America, is making a name for itself by using selvage denim and creating modern pieces that can only be described as classic all American style.


If you aren’t familiar with Baldwin yet, you will soon. Lucky for us, there are plans to see their duds in stores like Nordstroms nationwide. Not to mention, Matt Baldwin was named one of GQ’s 2013 Best New Menswear Designers in America, meaning he will be part of a collab creating a special line for Gap this coming fall.

But what makes me most excited about Baldwin? Four words: raw denim for females.

Yep, this selvage denim that is missing from most women’s departments can be found in Baldwin’s. I took advantage and bought a pair of “The Ten in Raw Selvage Denim.’ I’m pretty excited about wearing them in and making them my own.

And I couldn’t leave without getting myself a limited edition of their classic KC hat in navy/light blue.

All that to say, I had a fantastic time with my friends and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to explore their city.

Whether you have friends in the area or not, with the less expensive midwest prices and the slower stream of tourists, I’d recommend putting KC down on your list of cities to visit!





  1. So fun!! All of those things sound like they’d make me VERY happy. I need to go to KC soon!

    1. You totally do! I didnt even talk about southwest blvd.. or Gram and Dunn.. or Port Fonda.. seriously, the list goes on. Fast for like two weeks before you go.

      AND you will die when you see their home! Its gorgeous what Christie’s done with their place.

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