Sprig Box

My first Sprig box came in the mail this past week!


Sprig describes itself  as a monthly subscription service that provides delicious, 100% gluten-free snacks curated by people who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

My first box included:

Eat Seed six seed blend 

Go Raw lemon cookies

Bumble Bar; chocolate crisp 

Veggie-Go’s Sweet Potato Pie

Ultima Replenisher in grape

Dang toasted coconut chips

What was really exciting was opening the box and finding that my roommate, who has a looong list of food allergies, can eat over half of the snacks we received. That means month one is already a success!

As of right now, I am not sure if I will carry my subscription for only a few months or if this will become a staple in my budget. What I do know is this is a fun option to switch it up. I am all game for trying out healthy snacks that I wouldn’t normally pick up or even come across while meandering the aisles of my grocery store.

And I hate to admit it, but I am that person – the person who has already emailed them twice {yes, twice, and yes, this is my first box} and both times they responded within 24 hours.

So, with great customer service, healthy goodies, and the convenience of delivery, I think it is safe to say Sprig Box for the win!

What about you? Do you have a monthly subscription like this that you can’t live without??



Side note: I found this blog called my Subscription Addiction where they review all the different kinds of subscriptions out there. Who knew there were so many varieties of these things out there!


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