Dry Soda

Dry soda : the result of innovative people willing to take risks.


I met up with a group of Seattle bloggers last night at the Dry Soda headquarters to learn some great tips about mobile photography from the fellow Seattle blogger Kate Hailey. Though there was a wealth of knowledge shared and fun bloggers were met, what still has me thinking this afternoon is that darn refreshing soda.

As I sip my {complimentary*} Dry Pear Soda, let me give you a snap shot of how Dry Soda all began:

Dry Soda was created after the founder, Sharelle Klaus, went out for a nice evening downtown Seattle while prego. Unfortunately, this meant she couldn’t have her usual glass of red wine. Even more unfortunately, this meant her other options outside of water was Pepsi or Coke: unhealthy and not necessarily complimentary to her beautiful meal. Thus the idea for Dry Soda was born.

Dry comes from the wine vernacular meaning it is less sweet. All 13 Dry Soda flavors are made with only 4 natural ingredients and range from 45-70 calories per 12 oz serving. They’re delicious to sip alone, but they’re actually created with food pairings in mind – something I’m excited to try out!

I love Sharelle’s sense of innovation and her willingness to take a risk. She didn’t just notice this problem, complain about it during dinner and go on her merry way until the next dinner date. She fixed the problem by creating an alternate option to drink for everyone.

When you look at the big guys out there, or maybe some of the smaller guys who are getting by and making a difference doing what they love, it took innovation and risk. As a mid-twenty’s woman during a time when everyone is discussing the frailty of our economy, I find it inspirational and encouraging to hear the story of a women who was willing to take a creative risk and forge her own lucrative path. Thanks Sharelle for being an example of someone on the other side of that initial risk.

Hope you guys take note of people like Sharelle and look to be inspired in your daily ongoings.



*We learned all of this information from a member of their marketing team that stayed late to host our group. He shared about Dry and it was obvious of his genuine buy in. AND he made working as part of their team seem like a ton of fun! This is the kind of guy you want to employ or buy your product from. Anyways, during the meeting he encouraged us to try different flavors (I tried vanilla bean – think natural cream soda for the low cost of 60 calories) and then he encouraged us to grab another one for the road as we were all flying out the door (I grabbed pear – tastes like a special occasion. Oh, and only 70 calories!)

Did I mention he was part of the marketing team? Well played, well played.


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