The wknd is here!


Ok, I should be packing up my car riiight now because tomorrow I am going GLAMPING! {Those of you not in the know, that stands for glamorous camping. Glamorous people, glamorous camp sites – notice the chandelier – it’s all glamorous. Since I haven’t been camping before, I thought this was the perfect way to break me in.}

NOTE: This picture is not mine. It is completely stolen from the blog post by Heather over at ‘Fiery and Opinionated’ that first made me want to go glamping.. and now Im going!! So excited! (Thanks Heather!)

Anyways, instead of packing I have been laughing and crying over beautiful things people have shared online. SO, I wanted to continue the sharing…

Here are just a few:

There is nothing like a fathers love

A reminder: I am awesome

The Known Collective

When everyone is looking at the bride, they always say to take a peek at the groom

Welp, there ya go! Ill be back next week with the dish on how fabulous glamping really is {forecasted rainy weather and all!}

What about you – would you try glamping? Have you already?

Hope you have a great fall wknd!




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