Wow, October is gone? November is here? I haven’t blogged since September? Whaat?

Ok, so fall hit and I may have spent any extra moments curled up with a book and something warm to drink rather than blog about all the fantastic fall happenings (like a little trip to Coloardo with the rents)..

This is the view from our fam’s family room window in the mountains. A dream, right?

November goal: blog everyday (Lord help me) about something I am grateful for.

I know, cliché, right? BUT I believe (and I’m sure someone’s proven) that thinking about things we’re grateful for – really thinking about them and letting that gratefulness settle in our hearts – makes our lives better. More content.

So whether you blog about it, facebook it, or maybe just write it on your bathroom mirror each day, try it with me this November and let’s focus on all the blessings in our lives. Big and small.

November 2: Nerd Alert! I am going to start this month by saying I am grateful for great authors.

I love reading, like love it. I may consider it part of my social like. That’s normal, right? (I mean, no one makes me laugh like Augustus and I’m way more hardcore after meeting Katniss.)

Because I love reading so much, I feel this loyalty to the authors who write series I fall in love with. These past couple of years I have watched as several of those who were self-published have gained popularity and turned their full-time hobby of writing into full-time careers! (namely Colleen Hoover and Kristen Ashley) It’s doubling exciting to me because not only does that mean they’re writing more books but by buying and reading their books I get to be a part of their dream come true. Cool, right?

What about you? What are you thankful for and/or what are you reading this month?




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