Is there more?

November 3: I am thankful for a life giving church.

Have you ever wondered is there more to life?

I think this is a question everyone grapples with and the answer is that there IS more to life, and at the center of it all is Jesus. He is the more that we all search for.

I am so grateful to have a church that is centered on the hope and the life that we have in Jesus.

This also means our church is pretty fun! Exhibit A: We regularly do a “first five” at the start of our weekend service – this is where we spend the first 5 minutes of service doing a special song or dance or video, etc. – something as an incentive to get to church ON TIME : ) It works because it is always really fun and nobody wants to miss out on it!

This weekend’s was a show stopper with this amazing acoustic rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. You can watch the video here!


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