November 5th: I am thankful for my health.

A key to health is movement and I’ve been moving my bootay lately at a crossfit gym near my house.

One of my favorite things about crossfit is that it has created a culture of honor and respect. An example of this is the hero workouts. These are some of the most challenging workouts named after fallen servicemen, serving as a tribute to our lost protectors, symbolic gestures of respect for our fallen. Read more about the crossfit hero workouts here.

Crossfit has also used workouts to fundraise for or bring awareness of needs that plague our communities. The special workout “Grace” is the WOD attached to breast cancer awareness.

WOD: “Grace”
30 clean and jerks

Though October is past, we did “Grace” this morning at our gym to honor one of our athletes who is currently fighting this battle. Today was her last day in the gym before going into surgery this week. Our coaches wanted us to have fun with it as we celebrated her and used it as a way to demonstrate support.

I love that all day today athletes will be pushing themselves, being reminded about the blessing they have in their health while being an encouragement to others as they fight for their own.

I love this about the crossfit community.

Our coaches do a great job at reminding us that crossfit is about health, its about pushing your personal limits and, at our gym, its about building relationships. And our gym isn’t shy about being Christ-centered. Every morning we’ll find a verse or quote above the day’s workout serving as a reminder of where our true strength is found.

I don’t get up way too early just to burn calories.

I get up to to build my strength. I’m building my physical strength, my emotional strength (they say everyone has that crossfit workout that makes them cry – I’ve ALMOST been there but not yet) and my spiritual strength. I’m getting stronger every day.

So today, Im thankful for my health and I’m praying for the health of another. Would appreciate it if you would take a moment to pray for her, too!




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