I was jazzed.

November 7: I am thankful for great customer service.

I am so proud of myself because this year I am starting my christmas shopping EARLY!

First stop, Nordies (I mean, double points day – a gift for you, points for me. golden.)

Anyways, it made me laugh when I was reminded about a few months back when a buddy picked me up from the mall in order for us to rush off to a wedding. I had just spent a thrilling 35 minutes in Nordstroms where I purchased a new dress to wear to said wedding AND got my make-up done. All. In. 35. Minutes.

Thrilling was not said in sarcasm; I was impressed with myself. So were my new friends. And by friends I meant sales associates.

My ride arrived and I felt the mood immediately when I hit the car, the mood being unpleasant. Five of us squeezed into a vehicle that comfortably fit four, and I had heard there were some unexpected delays before they reached me – not to mention two of them weren’t feeling all that great.

BUT I couldn’t help chattering – I was jazzed! I mean, I just decked myself out in record time AND felt like it was girls’ night out because I was jibber jabbering away with my besties (cough cough sales associates) throughout the whole process.

So feeling the heavy mood but also kind of ignoring it, I’m chatting in the car. Then one of the guys not feeling well rolls down his window on the highway. And throws up.

Then, the girl sitting in the middle leans over ME and, while the car is STILL in motion, throws up out MY window!

Well, I finally quit chattering. ( I also checked my new dress for any signs of a new pattern. none. phew)

STILL, I arrived to the wedding jazzed. I felt bad for my sicky friend but my mood was not to be dampened.

My friend (the driver- not the sicky) and I were later laughing about what a wreck this all had been. Through tears of laughter he asked why I had been so excited?

I told him about my crazy successful fast shopping trip and about all of my new friends {aka the sales associates.}

He laughed harder and asked, “You know what they’re doing, right??” {aka being my friends because they work on commission}

My response, “absolutely!”

I know that those girls are not actually my long lost best friends, nor do they think I am theirs. But I also know that it didn’t matter. Their friendliness helped me have a great time! I love shopping, I love connecting with new people and the combination can put me in a mood that can withstand being a human obstacle for a sick person and STILL show up at a wedding ready to party.

This is just one example of the power of great customer service. It may make me a nerd, but I love it.

And, I’m grateful for it.


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  1. Joshua Webster · · Reply

    I could totally do your makeup in 35 minutes AND I am one of your long lost best friends.

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