Winter Preparations

November 12th: I am thankful for new sheets!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life.

Tonight it is climbing into my bed made with brand-spankin-new, freshly washed, cozy and pretty flannel sheets!


You can find these babies at Target boutique for cheap cheap cheap! They have all sorts of flannel sheet sets for only $25 (including king size!) Kaitlyn from Wifessionals commented on finding this steal on her Instagram and I couldn’t help but run out and grab a pair for myself.

I haven’t had flannel sheets since living in Minnesota where you really need them. They’re not so much a necessity here in the Northwest but I couldn’t resist!


Flannel sheets + new mulled cider candle = full on November mode and loving it!

I am loving how cozy my space feels tonight! The rain and never ending darkness of winter (get to work and it’s dark.. leave work and it’s dark) can make me feel lethargic. I don’t hate the rainy weather, I just have a harder time finding motivation to do things in it.What I have found helps me is to create a cozy and pretty environment as this tends to spark my creativity and snap me out of my hibernation mode.

So, with only a few minor tweaks and additions, I am already feeling more equipped to tackle this winter weather ahead.

What about you? Are there things you like to do in order to adjust to each season??



**Update: these sheets are amazing. 



  1. The things that help me adjust is big comfy sweaters, cozy blankets, and some new slippers that are Christmas themed 😀

    That way when I am just around the house and its cold and rainy I feel my most comfortable to sit on the couch or in the fort that the boys and I have made and watch movies ( Christmas ones right now of course )

    1. Love it!! Cozy, warm and nostalgic – AND making cozy and warm memories for your boys ❤

      PS- there were also some great blankets on sale at target right now, too!

      1. I will be going there today for sure then… in need of some new ones 😀

        have to stock up since were living in WA now.

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