{Design} Patience is a Virtue.

Have you ever heard of the app OfferUp?

Its an app on your phone similar to Craigslist. It’s fun, convenient and dangerous. I say this because I logged in for the first time last night..  yet I am writing this to you while sitting in my newly acquired chair that I found on OfferUp.. this morning.

I recently moved into a gorgeous space, a total blank canvas to furnish and decorate. I love a modern, feminine look. I also want my seating to be plush and cozy. I have been finding it difficult to mesh the two concepts while trying to stay on a budget. {I created a pinterest board, 500sq feet of lovely, where I am gathering inspiration.}

I received great advice from my mom and sister; be patient. Live in my space for a while with it kind of sparse. The idea is to allow my vision to develop further and bypass spending money on pieces that don’t match what I am going for.

This advice indicates how well they know me as I can allow my excitement for change and forward motion eclipse the time spent in planning and strategy.

Cue today:

Even though I am waiting and allowing my vision to develop, I’m still perusing Craigslist and my new friend OfferUp.

Suddenly, what do I find? A total steal – a huge, cozy leather chair and ottoman set being sold for ONLY $60! Even though I don’t have a truck to transport it, I decide to go and check it out.

Because my friends are amazing, and I think it is dangerous to go to strangers’ homes alone, my friends Matt and Mitchele meet me at the address.

Turns out, who needs a truck??




(Don’t worry, we used more than twine to anchor this guy in. We made a pit stop and Matt taught me how to use a ratchet.)

Speaking of Matt, Matt is a beast. He was the one to originally put the chair in my trunk and I was completely unprepared for how heavy it was.

Took me about 45 minutes to get it from my car into my apartment. This included plenty of breaks to laugh hysterically at myself and send my sister ridiculous texts showing my progress.


I didn’t think I was going to get it through the front door.


Then I literally had to give myself pep talks to get it up the stairs, “This is why you do crossfit, so you can lift heavy things. Functional fitness.”


And now that it is in my apartment, the truth is that it totally overpowers my room and doesn’t really match the concept I was going for (it would have in a much smaller version.) My mom and sister were right, and I sometimes allow myself to get too excited.


(See how small my cute little modern loveseat looks next to it?! This chair is total beastmode.)

HOWEVER, it is also amazingly comfortable and will allow me a cozy place to cuddle up and read or write while I save my pennies for that beautiful, investment piece couch that I want.

Just living life and learning lessons over here.




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