Rainy Weekend Therapy: Soup

It was a rainy Friday morning with a forecast of more all weekend.

You know what that means..  SOUP!

Which is perfect because I’ve had soup on the brain this week – one soup in particular.

I grew up with a math guy for a dad (he majored in physics – who does that?) so he intuitively understands the chemistry involved in cooking. In effect, he is a great cook! He focuses on creating dishes that are fresh, flavorful and nutrient dense.

When I was in Colorado two weeks ago with the fam, my dad made this killer soup. It was so delicious that our friend Lisa looked up half way through and declared that it was the best soup she had ever had.

It is thaat good.

And the great news: it is also thaat easy.

I know this because I tried to recreate it this week (with a bit of my own flair) and was once again saying yum!


Thai Ginger Chicken Potato Soup


Swansons Thai Ginger soup broth

1 can coconut milk (my dad didn’t use this – omit if you want a clear broth soup with a touch more kick)

Two chicken breasts

Soy sauce

Olive oil







Any veggies you’d like! I used all of the veggies I had in my fridge, but you can get more creative with yours if you’re in the mood.



Sauté your onion in olive oil. Add the chicken and a generous pour of soy sauce. Once your chicken is mostly cooked through, add your other chopped veggies (hold the potatoes.) I had actually thrown my chicken breasts in whole, so after my veggies cooked for a few minutes, I pulled my chickies out and cut them into smaller pieces. I added them back in, tossed in my chopped potatoes and covered it all in the Swanson’s broth. Let simmer until the carrots and potatoes are cooked to your liking. Add a can of coconut milk if you want it to be creamy and a touch sweet. Let simmer a little while longer.


Aaaand you’re done! That is it. Easy, peasy and completely delicious.

Feeling better prepared to embrace the rainy weather this weekend? I hope so!




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