I love my job.

“I have three minutes left on the clock..”

“Aww man, your struggles already over..”

This is a common type of conversation in the sea of cubicles. “Is it 5 o’clock yet?”

This is the normal way of thought. We become work week drones just waiting for the clock to strike 5 (or 5:30, in my case. And let’s be honest, it is really challenging to fight against it.

But today I had an epiphany: I love what I do, but I don’t act like I do.

And maybe the worst part? As soon as I say that “I love what I do,” I feel like I need to explain myself and clarify what makes this not the perfect job for me at this stage in my life. Almost as if loving my current place could diminish opportunity in another place. But that’s silly because actively loving my current stage/position means I am more engaged in my current stage/position and, if anything, will provide me more opportunity {whether that be growth here or a connection to something else.}

I don’t have a boring job. Rather, I don’t always maintain the mental discipline it takes to stay engaged in my job. It’s work. (Imagine that.)

So, I decided to write down a few starting points in order to help myself shift perspective in this area. If you’ve had trouble in this area, try them with me!

This coming week I will:

1) Engage in the challenge of the task in front of me.

                  Repeat with me: I’m not bored. I will engage.

2) Remember that  the work I do has an impact on others.

                  The papers in front of me represent someone’s life.

3) Eat lunch with others two days this week, minimum.

                  I usually work through my lunches or search the web. Both requiring me to stay in my cubicle. Bleh.

What about you? Have you struggled with finding enjoyment in your career? What did you do?




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