I’m not great at following shows and last night I was reminded why – I can’t wait an entire week to see the next episode of Dancing with the Stars! A WEEK!

But alas, I will.

(Netflix, you have ruined me. Ruined me!)

In the meantime, I’ll talk about it.

Just a handful of thoughts after watching the first night:

1) Danika and Val are adorable. She makes math books for girls, is totally nerdy and she’s beautiful? Sold.
2) I really wish I could sign up to have someone teach me to dance full time.
3) I think I’d pay money for the chance to style Charlie White’s hair.
4) I awkwardly like Sean Avery’s dry humor.
5) Amy Purdy’s my girl.

Amy is actually the reason I tuned in this season!

I only recently learned about Amy and was immediately taken with her. For those of you who didn’t watch or are still in the dark, Amy just made history while winning bronze at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games – and she is continuing to do so as the first double amputee to be on DWTS. What I’ve found in the short amount of time I’ve known {of} her is that making history seems to be her trend.

I learned of Purdy while on a coffee date with my mom. This was while we were on vacation in Frisco, Colorado. It is kind of an unsaid thing, but, if we aren’t headed out to the slopes early, you can generally find us starting our day out slowly at our fav coffee shop several blocks from our home. My mom was still up at the counter so I cracked open the local newspaper, the Summit Daily. I have an interest in physical therapy and the use of prosthetics so I was immediately drawn to the article “Amy Purdy: A bionic fembot’s road to Sochi.” Turns out she is a local gal – she currently lives in Frisco and her non-profit, Adaptive Action Sports (AAS), is based out of Copper Mountain, where I’d been boarding the day before.

I was an immediate fan! Fan is maybe not the right word – more like I found another woman to add to my list of role models. She isn’t just a role model for those with a physical disability, or just for females – but for those looking to have an overcoming spirit, for those pioneering new ground and for those who want to make the most out of the life they’ve been given.

Like I said, Amy Purdy’s my girl.

Tune in next week and see her make more history!


source: Celebuzz


(source: ABC news)





  1. I’m so annoyed Brooke Burke is gone …..Erin Andrews has such a grating and annoying nasal voice ….how she ever became a tv sports commentator is beyond me ….she must know someone or a relative got her this far. Brooke is so pleasant and professional and so well spoken…what were they thinking? The sound of her voice ruins the show for me…I have to change the channel every time she comes on..too bad…

    1. Oh no! .. See, this is actually my first season watching so I don’t have the same kind I connection wth Brooke Burke. So far I actually really like Erin Andrews – I find her quite lovely 🙂 however, I don’t think you’re alone with struggling with the switch.

      Have you been watching since the beginning season??

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