Sometimes plans don’t go as planned. 


 So, tonight isn’t ending the way I thought it would: missed my connecting flight to Atlanta and I’ll be sleeping in Dallas. Well, actually I’ll be sleeping in Grapevine just north of Dallas. 

But ya know what- that’s ok. 

It’s ok because today didn’t go how I thought it would either and I’m grateful for that. I had all sorts of work I was going to accomplish on the plane but instead I spent the 4 hour flight talking to a man who has spent years working in a position similar to one I’d like to fill. He downloaded wisdom, shared in his love for travel and encouraged me in my endeavors. He ended the flight saying “I have no idea what has gotten into me – I never talk to anyone on these flights.” But I do – God is so good and personal and knew how much this encouragement would mean to me.  He is so good that it’s possible today wasn’t only for my encouragement but maybe God is thinking of those that will be positively effected by me cultivating the skills this man so kindly encouraged. I don’t know?! All I know is that sometimes our plans are momentarily “derailed” and it’s best to bask in the moment and see them for the special blessings and connections they are rather than disruptions in what we thought should have been. 

So yes, even though I have one more security check point in the morning and I will arrive for my scheduled training in Atlanta three hours late, I am ending this night with a smile on my face. 




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