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Sometimes plans don’t go as planned. 

   So, tonight isn’t ending the way I thought it would: missed my connecting flight to Atlanta and I’ll be sleeping in Dallas. Well, actually I’ll be sleeping in Grapevine just north of Dallas.  But ya know what- that’s ok.  It’s ok because today didn’t go how I thought it would either and I’m grateful […]

Movember & Decembeard

November 10th: Today I am thankful that No-Shave-November is upon us. But, honestly.   *Hand-painted card from Gold House Paper+Press bisous, Rebekah

I want crazy.

I love making plans. I also love not following them. There are areas in one’s life where this is not a good practice, i.e. budgets, eating regimes- things of that sort. Currently working on following these. And then there are areas in one’s life where this equals the kind of awesome that just cannot be […]

Happy Friday!

This little face {my niece} is coming into town tomorrow! She’ll be accompanied by my mom and I may be even more excited than she looks in this picture. Add that to the fact that it’s Friday afternoon and I am feeling fine! I like to spread the love, so here is a little bit […]

White Walls cont’d

Like I said in my White Walls post, my phone died just after arriving at the Macklemore music video shoot last night. I was pretty bummed about missing my opportunity to record such a momentous occasion. Fortunately for me, there were literally thousands of others present who were ready and willing to pick up the […]