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The Color Run Happiest 5k

The Color Run. So. Much. Fun. A pretty large group of us (over 25ish) from my church did the Color Run this past weekend. This run is unlike any other I’ve ever done – for one, it isn’t a race! I didn’t even realize this until walking to the start line and realizing we didn’t […]

Oh, hello wednesday.

This is me, sitting in rush hour traffic at 6:30 this morning.. loving life! Why? Just a few reasons off the top are: – I didn’t miss my alarm this morning (cough cough Monday), so I had already crushed a crossfit workout – The sunrise was ah-mazing. – I was sipping on my free drink […]

The Fat Truck

“Have you ever wondered if there was more to life other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” I recently started Crossfit (I graduate from the ‘basic training’ program tues morning! Whoop whoop!) and I am loving it. L-O-V-I-N-G it! I am starting to understand why the Crossfit bunch are known for only wanting to […]

light and bouncy

This weekend was hot, hot, hot!! It finally feels like solid summer weather – the kind where you only want to put on a swimsuit or a flow-y dress, anything else just feels excessive. There are lots of reasons to love his weather – the sun, volleyball, swimming, picnics, etc, etc – but a major […]

breathe baby breathe

I am a runner. Well, more like a jogger – and a fair weather one at that. But its mornings like this that help me remember why I love getting my behind out of bed and on the road (or trail.) (Photo taken by me, edited by the fantastic Lindsay) There is something so satisfying […]