Monthly Archives: November 2013

“Let’s get down to business!”

November 18th: I am thankful for Pinterest. Follow my boards here: I know, kind of ridiculous but it really is true. This morning I didn’t feel like reading during my morning commute, so I thought I’d take the time to find some inspiration via Pinterest. Instead of looking at the design/project oriented pins, I found […]

Winter Preparations

November 12th: I am thankful for new sheets! Sometimes it’s the little things in life. Tonight it is climbing into my bed made with brand-spankin-new, freshly washed, cozy and pretty flannel sheets! You can find these babies at Target boutique for cheap cheap cheap! They have all sorts of flannel sheet sets for only $25 […]


November 11th: I am thankful for the sacrifices made by our military and their families, both serving past and present. No matter where I go, who I meet or what I experience, I am an American. I always knew this in a way that was obvious (born and raised in America, obvious conclusion: American). However, […]

Movember & Decembeard

November 10th: Today I am thankful that No-Shave-November is upon us. But, honestly.   *Hand-painted card from Gold House Paper+Press bisous, Rebekah

I was jazzed.

November 7: I am thankful for great customer service. I am so proud of myself because this year I am starting my christmas shopping EARLY! First stop, Nordies (I mean, double points day – a gift for you, points for me. golden.) Anyways, it made me laugh when I was reminded about a few months […]


November 6th: Today I am thankful for coffee. There really are very few scenarios that coffee doesn’t make better.                                  *Illustration from Mr. Porter’s Journal   bisous, Rebekah


November 5th: I am thankful for my health. A key to health is movement and I’ve been moving my bootay lately at a crossfit gym near my house. One of my favorite things about crossfit is that it has created a culture of honor and respect. An example of this is the hero workouts. These […]